Paper Bride 2 - preview a creepy Chinese quest
Paper Bride 2 preview
  • Paper Bride 2 - a creepy Chinese quest inspired by local folklore.

    And here we have exclusively horror, without jokes, references and farting octopuses. This is a game exclusively for one periodically shuddering person. Paper Brigade 2 is based on Chinese folklore. We play as a girl who has been having terrible dreams since childhood. One day she comes to her native village, where nightmares come true. She is constantly locked up, grabbed, thrown somewhere and, it seems, they want to sacrifice her, or marry her to a local deity. And the poor thing constantly has to think how to get out and escape.

    And in order to escape and survive, we solve riddles — we collect and apply objects, look for codes to locks, pick up symbols on signs and everything like that. There are a lot of puzzles, there are interesting and complex ones, especially considering that you often have to look for and select hieroglyphs. But the authors of the second part, among other things, added a convenient system of hints.

    Although in any case, in the first place here is the story itself, the atmosphere and the opportunity to fairly tickle your nerves with local screamers. It even happens, you understand what's going to happen now, and you're already waiting — they say, come on, scare me, I'm ready. And still you swear and jump up when you see in the mirror instead of the pretty face of the heroine… However, you will see for yourself. Although the authors use not only screamers. For example, they designed one of the puzzles almost like scenes from the movie "The Bell". It turned out very cool and atmospheric.
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