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  • Yaengard - a simulator of an average tabletop RPG game

    Which is distinguished by a decent role-playing system and not very clear combat.

    The authors of Yaengard were inspired by classic turn—based tabletop RPGs, especially Dungeons & Dragons. And it's noticeable. The gameplay resembles a board game session where we choose where the party of our adventurers will move: there is a battle waiting there, here is a random event, and here is a quest. And each time we select the cards of possible actions. To try to avoid a fight, to stand up for those who are being robbed or not, to try to find treasure at a halt with the risk of losing everything or being content with the ration found — the chances are calculated as a percentage, a die is thrown, and depending on the results, not only the health and condition of our characters' wallets change, but also their character. The tendency to chaos or law, to pragmatism, altruism or selfishness, and so on — it also helps to learn new skills.

    We also periodically get levels, improve characteristics, find trophies and dress up our adventurers. And everything would be fine, but Yaengard has a rather strange combat system, where our heroes are given one action point for everything — both for moving and for attacking. That is, as a rule, they can attack the enemy only if they stand on the same cell with him. As a result, fights turn into characters running after each other, which looks strange. But connoisseurs of board games and in general everything related to Dungeons & Dragons should still try Yaengard.
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