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  • Source of Madness - a dark and strange "bagel" in the world of Lovecraft madness.

    The Source of Madness also has problems with the combat system. Although in general it is a good, stylish platformer / "bagel" game in the dark world of Lovecraft madness (Howard Lovecraft). The game is not only very atmospheric — it also has all the components of a good "bagel": a lot of enemies, procedural generation of levels, different classes and a pumping system for two types of resources (global upgrades are opened for the rarest), which acts on all subsequent sorties.

    There is also an interesting equipment system — different types of rings determine the type of attack (short-range or long-range and what kind of magic). There are a lot of such rings, so you can alternate fighting styles, and pick up hoods and stones found in chests or purchased for them, which enhance the effect of the rings. Plus, there is also an option to launch guards and install turrets.

    The only problem is that all these procedurally generated Lovecraft (although who will sort them out whose) monsters look like about the same clumps of incomprehensible garbage, which often attack in the same way incomprehensible. And fights turn into chaos and madness, where it is difficult to understand what is happening. And we have life-stealing attacks that you can safely shoot enemies from afar in some places and replenish your health for free. In general, Source of Madness has style and good potential, but it still needs to be brought to mind.
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