zombie corps hacking
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    A small overview of the game.
    Letter cheats and codes.

    Hacked zombie corps android, ios

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    zombie corps android, ios hack

    In 2025 the world was destroyed by zombie.. Are you the hero mentioned by the doctor? You don't look so strong.. well, the zombies aren't gonna kill themseves, so get over here and help.
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    We need to defend our base's wall from this position. Slide or tap your finger on the screen to shoot at the zombies.A sweep pass will auto-complete a previously beaten three star stage for quick rewards.Powerups can win a tight battle for you. Select the bomb and let's blast them to bits.

    Using a weapon buff can give you an edge in battle zombie corps. Use and upgrade your defensive items to protect the wall. Unlock and purchase more powerful weapons for the edge in both story and duel modes.

    Weapon zombie corps:

    scout rifle - chew bubblegum and kill zombies in a world out of bubblegum.

    Maxim mg08 - an entry level heavy MG. Good for filling zeds with holes. Shotguns causes extra damage to zombies close to the wall.

    Use defense devices to defend your wall. As you level up, you'll receive new devices to defend the wall. The base needs a strong defense to survive. Before a battle, lay out your defensive devices. These items can also be upgraded.

    Perk upgrades are available for gun damage, wall defense, powerups and duel powerups. faster zombies are slowed by the delay tower.

    how to enter cheats zombie corps.

  • how and where enter
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