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    unlimited energy - RgcqmNCf4
    diamond recruit - pGmma4OsR
    friendship recruit - emra62F5H
    specific recruit - lR7sajIrm
    Earth federal warrior - Nsbg2xRoK
    Intelligent machine warrior - fwFDxk7cG
    Ancient warrior - wyOdMoeIw
    Void - w9AD76bIo

    Long time no see. It seems that the matter is not trivial, and you have come in person. As we expected, the VOid forced the alliance of all humans. Earth federal - they are really imaginative. They even sent ancient warriors to support them. Intelligent machine has also been approved by the Federal to join the combat force. THe humans seems to have a lot of helpers. It's a really tough question. That's interesting. Humans have never been united in history. Hum, let's wait and see.

    You are awake! I know you are confused. We've future warriors 50 years from now. Our enemy is not humans, but the voids from space time rifts. We need your help. Now is in 2072. Our technology is not enough to destroy the voids. The whole earth has become a battlefield. The most advanced weapons now are quantum weapons, which can cause lethal damage to the voids. But few people have the talent to manipulate them. SO we recruit people with this talent from all areas. You are what i discovered in the 20's timeline.

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    I'll create some virtual teammates to help us. They are all very powerful warriors in reality. You will see them later. You controlled two quantum weapons at the same time! Terrible power, i really don't know whether to be happy or worried for humans. This is the Antartic sub-base of the Earth Federal. This place will be handed over to you to manage in the future.

    upgrade - IiQMcFLRS
    advance - qpKjoAIMa
    star up - XMGw40ksm

    There are four types of warriors: defensive, offensive, supporting and rapid. They have different ways to acquire rage. Defensive warriors can recover additional rage each time get a common afk hit. Supporting warriors can recover additional rage each time when allies release common afk.

    Increase stats:
    HP - MTgVLareM
    ATK - bNSldYaOj
    DEF - 1vnQvLwCN
    RES - JlvgujpcL
    EXP card - qHmWR68SE

    Prime access - LMctBENQf
    daily rewards - E2b5qtugT
    storyline luxurious supply - KWzGPgpCP
    VR luxurious supply - Mn80wH4wB
    Senior luxurious supply - as1sX1uwr

    Thank you for your service to Earth Federal. Since the void invaded Earth, we have struggled against invaders. We are very grateful that you have come to help us from your era, and your heroic battle has given us hope. Please accept these bonuses, you will need the money on your way to improve yourself.

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