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    We know you'll never stop fighting! I'll stop when they're all dead. Origin has fallen, it's denizens fractured recruit a former companion and liberate the planet. The cinders of hope rests in your hands. You have so much data on the Astra. We can assemble a new research team and study their movements. Lest's start from the bounty hunter city hall. It's under that space jazz bar. Follow my guidance and demolish the Nat king cole pub which is sitting atop your city hall. The rescue team is about to exhaust the emergency food reserve they carry. We can reclaim some land inside the city and build our own farm. Now you can harvest the crop. Based on the amount of food consumed in a day. I recommend building another farm to ensure adequate food supply. Fertile ground for farming megafruit is covered by obstacles. Please clear the ground first.

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    A gas well provides energy for our city. Please also built a gas well. Our Cohegen reserve is enough to maintain our city's basic function. Alert, unknown threat detected on the plaza above us. Risk level three. Please take immediate action. If you want to restore Ocelot city, you will need our troops' support. If you lead, we'll n=be at your disposal. The troops can train at the old resistance compound. You have built an infantry barracks. You may now start training your soldiers. The northern area of Ocelot city is already rebuilt. You may recover the electirc generator for the city wall in that area to enhance its defense system. With a titan, we cna greatly reduce our mission time, and minimize losses during each mission. Complete daily tasks for extra rewards.

    You need a hero to lead the army on a marching titan. After you activate auto assign. I will choose the best units for you. Now that we have the radar, we cna restore the city wall and integrate the radar system.

    You have successfully rebuilt Ocelot city. The prosperity of the city is closely related to the level of attention you pay to it, so please do your best. To rebuild this derelict city, we need all the help we can gt. We have found in our system a bounty hunter group that you worked very closely with. many of your old partners are still active. After we told them that you were building a new army to wipe our the Astra, they decided to lend a hand in the early stages. Therefore, you will receive help from the perseus Bounty Hunters.

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