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    promote - YHvflolcm
    level up - UFvbyPFcx
    upgrade - uA4E9QoXO
    repair - lPtzduS6v
    recruit crew - E45xOpxVk
    supply - cdOCy5FaR
    trade EXP - KZRHoRokN
    blueprints - Kdi8Mhbgc
    9000 ruby - tecQLvJPQ
    900k gold coins - 5pTpRJg7Q
    9000 gems - 5OUJmbdqK

    Admiral, we are waiting for your orders. Where should we head next? Shall we sail around and check the condition of the ship first? Raise the anchor! There's a reef in the path. Beware of collisions, let's try to avoid them. To avoid hitting the reef, you need to steer with the rudder. As long as you follow the course markers, there shouldn't be a problem. Repairs have taken up much of the schedule. We'll have to find the route again. I hear pirates often appear. I get shivers every time i think of what the fleet they attacked looked like...But we don't have much room for storage. I guess we'll have to take the risk. Interact with various environments while sailing to earn rewards and various beneficial effects.

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    Battle: check which ships are included in the enemy's fleet. Attempt to flee from combat. Retreat - There is a chance to fail your escape, which will result in an immediate combat. Surrender - surrender by giving up cargo and goods. The enemy may not accept your surrender. Parley - attempt to parley with currencies and avoid the combat altogether. Higher ship mobility lets you take action first. Change in artillery accuracy rate in accordance to wind direction - 8OGRdCeak. Increase all attack critical chance 100% - HjCTvrDXA. Blue tiles with light borders are areas that can be moved on. With this ship's wide area bombardment we'll be able to attack nearby enemies as well. Didn't you know that you can also attack your opponent in hand-to-hand combat? We'll move towards the enemy ship. Everyone grab your weapons and get ready for hand-to-hand combat.

    The artillery, melee, and ram icons will appear if an enemy ship is within your range of attack. Pressing the ship that is marked with the icon will immediately perform the selected attack. Oh, there are special commands that only an admiral can use! There're divided into battle, adventure, and trade commands. But you can only give battle commands during battle. Blessing of Hephaestus - restores target all allies's durability by 1000% of repair amount. Resources cost may increase based on the recovery amount. Recovery may increase based on expertise.

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    melee - bV8YKFK4W
    Fleet expertise:
    nature - dgtU8JkFw
    aesthetics - O8PuVKJLJ
    Character effect:
    melee defense +80% - VcuvugoM3
    ram defense +80% - IopQOxR6J

    Combat skills - all mates can obtain new combat skill through promotion. Assigning multiple mates with the same skill to a single ship increases the strength of that skill.
    Duel skill - are used during duels that take place at ports or during naval combats. Characters can equip gear to enhance existing duel skills or obtain new skills.
    Admiral's orders are unique skills that are owned inly by admirals.

    Pass list:
    La pinta - UxdKa6940
    Sloop Voucher - GuQC4nKnZ
    Fluyt Voucher - ImyOU9HKl
    beginner material chest - aAnkqEEjo
    rookie pirate's treasure chest - IJRgJf3xU
    rookie trader's treasure chest - VsFrfpMhH
    rookie adventurer's treasure chest - ka5P3Xl7H
    sailing toolbox - qyIjLCz1n
    anonymous veil - dWb9Rzf4A
    truce agreement 10 times - M4uyYjER7
    Brandon's pendant - KuTpapqVv

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    beginner promotion chest - bmQSDBThx
    intermediate adventure training chest - r1uwyyCoi
    intermediate trade training chest - L8N3WlX5d
    intermediate combat training chest - 89OTmOLyG
    Daily limit:
    lowest trade appointment - Zq6GK4JQK
    middle trade appointment - 296ZjezFU
    novice melee manual - 5av57GgBv
    low combat appointment - NTkCsnzRG
    Grace of Elmo - BfcwXDGXA
    Grace of Raphael - B3Z7cgdJN
    Blessing of the Great admiral - wG6IwP60G
    Grace of Michael - Zf9ahNodm
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