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    Drag the left joystick to move. Drive up to the yellow market! Drag the right joystick to aim and release it to fire. Destroy all the enemies! The yellow bar above your rank shows how much ammo you have left! Ammo will reload over time. You can also tap the right joystick to automatically aim at the nearest enemy. You can equip abilities to help you in battle. Destroy the enemies with the airstrike ability! The blue bar underneath your tank is your energy bar! Abilities cost energy and your energy recharges over time. Now you're ready to battle against other players! Good luck!

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    The God grenades slows down the cargo in the fetch the cargo game mode. Daily rewards - play on consecutive days to unlock exciting rewards. Be careful not to miss a day, otherwise you will have to start over.

    Viper - a lethal burst of bullets that makes hitting your targets easier. Perfect at mid to long range.
    Cannon turret - deploys a cannon turret into the battlefield that attacks enemies.
    Grenade - upon detonation this grenade levels almost everything within its range.

    Carnival chaos pass (activate season) - EC8BPMAVB. Step right up and unlock this season's spectacular cosmetics and tranqulizing ability. Earn stars from battles and missions to unlock exclusive season rewards. Exciting new ability - unlock the handy new sleep dart ability by completing the season road and give those grumpy enemies a nap.

    Research is used to craft blueprints for tank parts. Duplicate tank parts are converted into research.
    Gems - are used to accelerate building and upgrading tank parts. Find gems in crates or purchase them in the store.
    Coins - are used to build and upgrade tank parts. Earn coins playing battles, find them in crates, use Pico tanks cheat codes.
    Premium - gives you VOIP status. The perks of having premium include:
    - host custom matches;
    - triple match rewards with no ads;
    - triple mission rewards;

    Tanks are built with a body, a weapon, and up to three abilities. Each tank body can equip a different number of abilities. The classic body can equip 2 abilities. The classic body has a weight capacity of 70. Your tank will be slowed down if you exceed this capacity. Weapons and abilities have weight therefore they occupy some of your body's weight capacity. The cannon weapon has a weight of 35. Tank bodies, weapons, and abilities can be upgraded. You cannon weapon is at upgrade level 1. Remember, using abilities during battle drains your tank's energy. Using the Pico tanks bubble shield ability cost 6 energy.

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