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    Paladin - protected by the goddess Paladin with divine power Rushing against the enemy. It is a melee warrior. It is specialized on multiple targets and stun/debuff. Lancer - with the latest technical support from ASU. As a supporter, the attack power is against other agent a little lower than with extensive buffs and debuffs. Essential for party play. Edge Walker - the fairy of the sword can freely handless energy and mana. She is fast and character that explodes energy and specialized in Critical hits and vampiric skills. Gunner - as a former famous mercenary commander the enemy caught in his eyes can never escape. Specialized in the distance. He specializes in fast and extensive hunting. Soul eater - living things born in ASU (Anitas security union) remaining in Anitas. The energy of God's power (Anitas and Exilis) a special existence created by extraction and infusion. She specializes in fast and extensive hunting.

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    Welcome, this is the hometown of ASU, the capital Elgeum. In some case, i don't entrust the job to new recruits, but the situation is urgent. Your first mission is at Arsion, located on the outskirts of Elgeum. A few hours ago, a rescue request came in from the crea there. I have to go to an emergency investigation became of this, but now the manpower is short. Arsio is a small town on the peaceful outskirts. There was nothing special about it, but a rescue request came in...

    If you summon the guardian you can fight stronger enemies. You can check the guardian by grade. You can check the desired guardian's appearance and summoning effect. You cna quickly summon the guardian you want during the game by using the quick slot registration button. A summoning ticket is required to summon the guardian, and it lasts for 30 minutes when summoning. You can increase the guardian's level by using a guardian piece or using hack ASU on WEMIX cheat code.

    I will explain the active skill. First, touch the menu button in the upper right corner. Touch the skill button. Skill level up first. To make the selected skill stronger, you need to level up. You can check the character level and skill point required for level up. You can check the skill point you currently have. You can get a certain amount when your character's level rises. Gold is required to level up the skill. When all the conditions are satisfied, you cna proceed to level up skills by touching the level up button. Equipped skills can be checked in the skill registration window. Registered skills can be used by touching them.

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