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    Move the commander to the flag. Tap to attack an enemy. Destroy the catling gun. Normal damage is reduced against buildings and Commanders.
    Buck - gun control is when you use both hands. Attacks ground and air. A bunch of Piranhas - adding legs seemed like a good idea. Deadly in numbers. Catling Gun - a cat in a gun. What could go wrong? A turret that quickly damages enemies. A stationary turret that deals heavy damage to ground enemies that come in range. Major Fire - lights up an area in front of him, dealing heavy damage to everything inside. Bee squad - their tiny wings are propelled by the tears of your enemies. A fragile but deadly flying troop that grows stronger as other members of the squad die. B. Mine - an invisible landmine that will explode on contact. This mine is vulnerable for a short while before arming.

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    Rex - spawns a fragile egg that hatches Rex. If the egg is destroyed quickly. Rex won't be born. If it's destroyed later, a mini-Rex will hatch. Deals damage as he walks.

    What is dictator community college? The DCC is your chance to win the legendary card 'magic missiles' by completing 5 quests each day for 7 days. By completing each quest, you will get points, which leads to daily milestone rewards. So much free stuff. If you miss a day, don't worry, you can still complete the previous guests, as long as you do so within a 10 day duration. So, go out there and win the legendary card 'magic missiles'. Magic missiles - spends all your Doh and fires missiles that will randomly hit targets in the area. The number of missiles depend on the amount of Doh spent.

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