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    Hi! I'm in charge of basic battle training. Basic battle training will be over quickly. Gunbound master controls many battle tanks in gunbound. All battle tanks have 3 of unique and various weapons. You can choose 3 battle tanks to make your team and fight against other teams. I already gave you several of tanks. Let's go to check the tanks you have. Please touch my stock. You can see all gears you have in here. You have tanks, cards, and jewels. The one team must consist pf different tank types. I already made your team for you. Let's change one team member for practice. There are tanks you can select. Check the abilities of this tank before selecting. Please toch the image of the tank. See the abilities of this tank. Let's check the abilities of this avatar. An avatar can equip 4 jewels to tha maximum. And an avatar has two unique avatar abilities. Now you create a new team. Next time, make your own team for your strategy. Now let's go to fight.

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    Most fun part of game is fighting against other masters. But first time, you should play against AI Master to learn this game. You can get better rewards when you win consecutive games. I will explain to you how to control tanks. Please select one tank from your team. You can control your tank only at your tank's turn. Let's blow up enemy tanks. Drag power point, and move power-point to control shooting strength and shooting angle. Push fire button.Please select the other weapon. Weapon is charged by touching weapon icons in below. You can use only one item when your tank has turn. You can drag powerful point in the opposite direction too. It is very useful when your tank is in edges of the screen.

    I forgot to tell you something very important. Guideline helps your aiming but it dose not consider winds. Players should consider direction and strength of winds before shooting. Rewards were sent to your stock and your tanks grew up with EXP earned. Battle tanks can equip more jewels by levels. You can equip jewels in your stock.

    All tanks has strong armor in the front and back. Weak points are the center top and center bottom of tanks.

    Turn the battle around! Even when enemy tanks remain, you can win if you destroy two enemy tanks

    There is counter effect among the tanks.

    Shooting guide line does not calculate the wind. Check the wind gauge above before making your shot.

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