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    We are ready for business! After looking at our choices, we felt this location was best. But it's a bit dirty, so please help me clean up. 300 fish - Here's the restaurant's initial capital. Spend it wisely! We've got a customer! Why don't you buy a table first? We can't have them eating on the floor. Since we've gotta save some money for other things, just buy the cheapest table first. Tap the menu button to buy or change facilities. Different facilities give the restaurant different bonuses. Work hard and get lots of cod! Finally they can eat at a table! Usually customers will first think about what to eat. They've always got a lot of thoughts. If they can't eat the food they want, they'll get angry. The customer has decided what they want to eat. Tap the meal bubble to take their order. Let's go check out the kitchen. Tap the button on the right to head on over.

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    Oh no! The kitchen doesn't have a stove yet! Quickly, go buy one. Do it just like when you bought the table. The kitchen is fully automated, so all the food will cook automatically. Buy a few more stoves and the cooking will increase. Once the food's done, it'll automatically be given to the customer. Let's tap the left button and go back to the main hall. Once they finish eating, the customer will throw their cod on the ground. At least you're sensible. The new restaurant isn't too popular yet, so let's try promoting to attract customer! Tap the promote button repeatedly to attract customers.

    Complete tasks to obtain rewards. Select the task type and complete it to obtain the corresponding rewards.

    What is gather for? You have 3 free gather chances each day, where you can gather 6-10 customers that you have already unlocked to visit the Courtyard. You can take pictures of the customers when they are visiting. After the gathering, each customer will gift you stars, cod, or film. The type and quantity of rewards is not related to the visiting customer.

    Will other restaurant staff be added to the friends board? How do you add them? Apart from Eggy, you can add other staff. You will need to discover which staff can be added. You will be able to discover staff accounts in the recommended friends board. Sometimes, staff will take the initiative to request to be your friend too.

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