Animal restaurant advancement strategy
  • Animal restaurant - advancement strategy.

    1. About switching between promotion methods. Currently you cannot change the method of promo. Although the number of taps you need will increase with the upgrade of the promotion method, it will help you attract higher level customers and bring the restaurant more income. You can also hire Dori to unlock the long press function for the Promo button.

    2. Tips for leasing out booths at the fish Pond. The most essential things is the type of fish! Tap on the fish Pond to start fishing. After catching a fish, tap on the For lease spot and choose the fish that you would like to place. Tip: there's a chance of failure when leasing out a booth and some booths will only appear at designated timings.

    3. Tips for managing the buffet. You do not need to take special actions to operate the Buffet. Because the restaurant does not automatically run when you're offline, the Buffet is your main source of income when you're offline. You can increase your hourly earnings by unlocking more dishes and facilities for the buffet.

    4. The buffet doesn't display my earnings. Profit from the buffet is calculated once every hour. Every time you load the game, a pop-up will remind you to claim your profit. If you've claimed it via the pop-up, the Buffet will not display your profits for the next hour.

    5. How use hack Animal restaurant cheat codes

    6. What do i do when Hedwig hasn't delivered a letter for a long time? Letters are brought back by Hedwig based on the items you put in her luggage, with a chance to get the corresponding letters. Some of these letters will follow a logical flow. You can explore this for yourself. For example, you have to first unlock Shiba's marriage letter before getting the letter on Shiba Puppy's birth, and only then will you receive the letter on Shiba. Puppy attending kindergarten.

    Paper bagged Ostrich:
    COmpetitive Eater: will continuously eat 3 dishes. Encouraged by the competitive Eater, the kitchen's cooking speed will increase. Complete order Mysterious order to unlock. Animals from the village can only be attracted by radio promo or a higher level promo method.
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