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  • Animal restaurant - about the Buffet.

    1. How to i earn cod from the Buffet? The buffet's earnings are calculated hourly, and you'll earn cod while offline or idle. Take note of the offline earnings notice when you enter the game.

    2. THe buffet hasn't given me any cod! have you noticed the "buffet earnings" notice window that pops up when you enter the game? This is what your buffet earned! If you haven't claimed the reward in the notice window, you can claim it by heading to the Buffet's conveyor belt.

    3. How do i get plates? help your friends by working part time to earn plates (the app's Yolky will automatically work part time and earn plates), or unlock the Buffet's mending machine for a set amount pf plates that drop each day. Upgrade your vending machine to increase the number of plates that drop! Also, let me fill you in on a secret - tasks that reward plates might appear in your daily tasks, so keep a close eye on them!

    4. Where is the Gachapon machine? Why don't i have a gachapon machine? The gachapon machine will appear in the buffet and be usable once you unlock it in buffet facilities. Go unlock it now!

    5. How use hack Animal restaurant cheat codes

    6. How do i switch between gachapon types (cod, plates)? Look carefully; after tapping and entering the gachapon reward screen, you'll see cod and plates displayed at the bottom. Tap the slider at the bottom to switch between them. Slide to the left for cod gachapon, and slide right for plates.
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