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    Welcome! I'm your advisor Michelle, here to help you grow your business from a small startup into a global weed empire! Let's open our first dispensary in Sam Francisco. Plant your first strain! Timmers will automatically harvest all. Start your bottler to process your buds for the dispensary. Now that we have some cash, let's upgrade our plants. Looks like that crate gave us enough strain cards to upgrade our strain. Looks like you've off to a good start. If you want to double your income, use pass boost. You're botting your weed faster than you can sell it. Upgrade your dispensary to sell more to customers. Your unprocessed weed is pilling up! Upgrade your bottler to get those buds to your customers faster. Alerts will appear on the top when something needs attention. Followe these to keep your profits growing.
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    Before i forget, take this profit booster. It will help you earn more cash from your customers. Our free daily deal is ready! Let's go to the store to check it out! It's time to bring in some help! Hiring managers will help you reduce upgrade costs and boost production. Activate Frank, he'll boost the production of the plants in this room for the next 24h. Don't forget to use your managers when you get stuck. You can see all your unlocked managers in the shop. Grow your network to earn free crates and permanent grow boosters. Use Tokins to upgrade your strain or manager cards. Your one stop for purchasing gems. Larger packages provide better deals. A successful business needs to set and achieve daily and weekly goals.
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