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    Heya, boss! We got some junked cars in store, but we can fix it up ans sell it. First build an automated assembly line. Congrats on building the assembly line. Now we're ready to open the shop. Customers are here. Let's build a stand to display our cars. Great, this customer seems to really like this car. Tap on the bubble above his head to make him pay. Tap to take the customer's money. Then tap to give the car to the customer. Alright, boss! We made our first profits. Let's sell the rest of these cars, too. Look, our truck is back! Let's build a warehouse here to store these junked cars. There's a customer with needs that our current cars don't deliver. Let's unlock a new car.
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    We don't make a lot on base models. How about we modify the car? Modified cars sales at a higher price as the modification level improves. We don't have enough customers. I'll teach you a quick way to get more. The assembly line is too slow, the customers have left the store because waiting too long. You can hired and upgraded the workers on the assembly line to increase the speed of car repairs.

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