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    Premium packs:
    basic Foil pack - hRMPWVvVe
    Rare Foil pack - FubCyg7xz
    Epic Foil pack - jpLOKHqpP
    Legendary foil pack - fSm47ZG4w

    Time to open your very own collectible card shop. Let's start by unlocking the item to restock. Unlock basic card pack supply - unlock basic card pack as a item that available for restock. Now let's go back to the shop. Now we can start restocking card packs for the shop. Keep tapping to continue restocking basic card packs. Great, now place the item on the shelf to start sealling. First, let's unlock the shelf so we can put the packs up fo sale. Add the item by tapping button. Let's put some items to sell on the counter too,You can upgrade the shelf to put more card packs on it. Now let's go back to shop and wait for customers to come in. Tap continuously to make customers come in quicker.

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    Ultimate shopkeeper - 6jdWvZ5ra
    off ads - svLX68XK8
    starter pack - 1tqFsEUH7
    24h offline time - 90wB7lvBH
    store manager - 7dKDlFGY9
    12000 gems - OM3goZZSr
    auto clicker - cdqei6f3W
    game speed x10 - Ml2U2FkoB

    For every 1000 packs sold, you get to open one and add cards to your collection. To earn Fame for the shop when you open these packs. Use fame to upgrade your shop. Upgrade basic card pack supply. Restock supplies, sell them and earn money. Upgrade the shop and aim for higher quality products. Earn more money and make your way up to be the best trading card shop ever.
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