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    Your hero fights enemies automatically. Gear is the key to getting stronger. Stronger monsters drop better gear. Equip gear back at camp. Each tile has unique effects. Treasure shrine spawn 1 treasure chest each loop. Lost woods - summon 1 treant each loop. Appears for every 8 placed forests. Graveyard - spawn 1 skeleton each loop.
    start each quest with common gear - 0LaUa0Ip7
    unlock gear slot - 9Yctr71z8
    damage Uv. Boss +100% - gnqHf0OzA
    choose one trait at the start of each quest - gNyVVEtJs
    unlock ring gear slot - VKsN2JZdb
    start each quest with a great weapon - Tryw6iDwN
    damage +200% - 7fpHToSHz
    start each quest with a great class item - e8Rs5OtMz
    hp + 150% - ICy8BU3qK
    gear potency +100% - Tr0cBGExv
    rare gear chance +90% - o6ScWVTlR

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    14000 gems - sMqaEkZff
    starter pack - ZkPqMS624
    14000 gold - 4xIqwVSmk
    unlimited energy - HE616EF1G
    off ads - K59WPXzUA
    upgrade - yTjforeK9
    level up - iI80y5GT5
    talent points - VzkVXLONL
    legendary equipment - BtIXG1jGS
    legendary weapon - uT6OrwEf3
    artifact - 4Z9IIT0Gw
    Goblin lands - spawns 2 goblins each loop. Goblins can move to adjacent tiles.
    Tavern - heal 420 HO when entered. Healing increases by 60 each loop.
    epic chest - XAARH2H6w
    Whirlwind - become a mighty whirlwind, striking all enemies in sight spin to win!
    Holy symbol - wards against the undead.
    Healing elixir - a secret recipe passed down from an ancient line of adventurers.
    Exclusive pass: Wolven Elixir Bundle - 0Xj7iUv40
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