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    Demigod, born between human and god, you are on a dangerous path. I'll give you two pieces of advice. An assault arrow appears at a certain distance from an enemy. IF you remove your finger the screen, you can assault an enemy. One last thing! You'll see a red arrow on the enemy's HP. When the red arrow goes all the way to the ened, the enemy will attack. Remember these 2 things. You were born between a human and a God.
    Assault ATK is increased by 30% - iG2BozYIK
    The crit strike ATK of assault is increased by 60% - mHHsdekCG
    Assaultable distance is increased by 10% - Wt1Oay3yh
    DEF is increased by 100% - PnfcrHres
    HP is recovered by 90% - YaSaQPeLc
    Melee ATk is increased by 200% - NCDyvWJqR

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    Water explosion - the enemies defeated by assault attacks deal DMG equal to 100% of assault ATK to nearby enemies.
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