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    starter pack - 69kyEXuPQ
    exclusive unit - 1eBBtdXc8
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    Break the barricade! You should cear the road to continu the journey. Use courage points. Courage accumulates automatically. Spend it to hire units. Collect stars to unlock reward and reach new levels.
    farmer - they destroyed his farm. Now he wants revenge.
    Builder - building walls was his main occupation - now he knocks them down.
    Pepper - road traffic patrol officer.
    Chopper - woodcutting skills are still useful to this day. Can heal 50% of his health while eating.
    Gunslinger - whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword obviously never encountered automatic weapons.
    Sheruff Charlotte - Texan girls seems to have accuracy that no other girls have.
    jailer - he may have lost his prison, but he kept his stun gun. Available in the special pack or that use pass.

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    Drag and drop - try to crush zombie with barrel. Kill zombies and gain rage points.
    Military case - JCtUhMXgB
    Legendary case - caBwU312s
    money pack - YC4JXZnKY
    gold - jqHTQftsJ
    unlimited fuel - lteDgTlsU
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    Complete missions and collect a maximum of 2500 coins to open the safe at a great price.
    Skirmish - assemble a team and fight with other players.
    Rednecks: there is a 5% chance of additional courage points dropping when a Redneck gets damaged. 3 unique rednecks on the battlefied. A random Redneck restores his health by 100% when he gets additional courage points. Additional corage pints drop when a Redneck dies. Emergency - all emergency units on the battlefield get fire resistance. 3 unique emergency on the map: the medkit removes poison from all units. All units on the battlefield become immune to poison. Northerners - always score a critical hit after killing an eenmy. 3 unique Northerners on the battlefield: every first hit made by a Northerner after coming our will be critical. The player gets 15% of the price of the unit back when they hire a unit with a cost of > 20. Marines - private Rodrigues has a 100% chance to come out with maximum fortune. There are no pauses between the attacks of all marines.
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