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    Good, you're finally here! An alien ship has just crash landed! We've secured the area and started to retrieve Alien Salvage. We have a Van taking the salvage from the UFO to a nearby Facility we set-up for research. We need you to run the facility. Process the salvage and you'll be paid for your research! Of, look! The first Van of Salvage is being loaded now! The load is biological matter, the rail system will send it to our Bio analysis lab. Currently we only have one research lab. it's up to you to upgrade and expand operations as more salvage comes in. Upgrade labs will speed up work and bring in more money. You might want to buy more vans to speed thing up. You can also build more loading bays to keep the flow of salvage coming in. Upgrade the salvage operation at the crash site to keep salvage flowing into the facility.

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    Do well and there'll be a bonus waiting for you in admin. Be sure to collect it. Ok, let's get this facility running like clockwork! keep upgrading and expanding operations until we reach the stars. Remember, if an area is red it needs urgent attention, we're paying you to keep on top of things.
    The researcher will keep your operations going while you're offline - PE0FKUI7U
    Government coverup - McwAL8dpN. Get help from the government to coverup your facility and permanently double your income.
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