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    unlimited energy - eAXrdsM9r
    +1 city population - UoX1ZwqvQ
    increase stats:
    hit points - LNNd5MRhc
    counter attack - 613Pwxeem
    defense - WYUouT01l
    range - AHYFBQD2g
    attack - QLFqwoQbB
    movement - w79khsw5c

    unlock abilities - fyUAHYkCM
    materials - Tbx1VAKHl
    level up - N1GGzNIxJ
    increase rarity - SHaE0WKfu
    world pack - CZt8CJAsF
    wraith - VO3ggidev
    battle pass - ZOMvvn5Um
    rare chest - XAv33BLIL
    legendary chest - nGDYt7Zzf
    ultimate chest - pbuLl4Eif

    Gather resources, build cities, recruit units and dominate your enemies. Tap on the unit to select it. Once unit is selected, tap on a tile to move. Tap the end turn button. Move to waypoint. Once unit stands over village for one turn, you can capture it. Tap button with the flag to capture city. After collecting enough points, your city levels up and you can choose reward. Tap to the enemy to attack him. You can train units in cities. All crates guarantee coins, chance for unit, or chest keys.

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    build hunting lookout - 87z1PqWXH
    build hunter's cabin - sauOiJMCO. +2 for every neighbouring hunting lookout.
    advanced hunter's cabin - SwEgLRlBv.
    Advanced windmill - 5yXhV8rV5. upgrade windmill to advanced windmill. Health bonus - unit health increases by 10%.
    Unit defense increases by 10% - vPOstjft2
    Unit attack increases by 10% - H33yP1RwS
    Water movement - bYCrFiyLw. Allow movement, across water.
    Navigation - Ndkjax28l. Allow movement across ocean. Sea mastery - ZVOrHoSMK. Increase attack of all ships by 10%. Allows ship unload without spending action points.
    Climbing - bdtjHNi8d. Unlock ability to climb mountains.
    Road - 0VWs9rlSo. Move units quicker and get bonus city population.
    Logistic - AUiCXUbYR. Unit movement points increases by 1.
    Joker cards - O0Ay3B24A
    50000 coins - yZ8wkeK8l
    14000 gems - GOYLFRdSb
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