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    Welcome to the hotel! You are the new hotel owner. Nice to meet you Boss! You don't know how to run a hotel? So, from now on, i will show you how to run a hotel. Ooops. There are no open rooms. We're working on expansion right now. Try open the spa. The ghosts love the Spa. Invite ghosts to your hotel! Tap speaker to fill PR gauge and the ghost will come. Please complete the mission. When you complete the mission, hotel level goes up and you can also do expansion. A ghost is passing by in front of the hotel. Try invite to be hotel guest by tap the ghost. They want to use the spa. Please check-in by tap the icon. Character is using the Spa. You can receive rewards quickly by tap a ghost. He paid a fee for the gold jar. Tap gold jar to collect gold. Now i have learned all how to manage. Please work hard and make the best ghost hotel.

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    Unlock map content - . You can check various menus such as quest on the map. Now you can expand. Call the zombies quickly and do expand immediately. If you expand, the acquired gold from ghost and offline rewards will increase. Unit runs out of room and check out. Tap gold icon to get tips. When check out, the room must be cleaned. You cna clean quickly by using pass or touching the room while cleaning. If you manager hire, hotel management becomes more convenient. The deck manager issues the toom key at the front desk. A good manager will reduce check in time. The PR manager fills out the PR gauge in the PR desk. The guest manager brings street ghost to the front desk. The elevator manager helps guests board the elevator. The cleaning - cleans the room when characters leave. The gold manager collects the gold coins from the jar. The receptionist manage the quest's usage time.

    Tired of having too many rooms? So i prepared desk shortcut and control room. In the control room, see the status of the rooms. You can also move directly to the room by tap the monitor. Do you want to know detailed room information? If you click the room button, you can check more information.
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