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    You and other mortals will become my servants, you should feel honored. Follow my guidance, become my first servant, and you will gain part of my power. I will empower you and unlock your abilities in dream dungeons. Your hero stance can be summoned by hero fragment. They can also be used to upgrade the hero stance. Hero fragments can be found in the dungeons. Those are the power source. Unlock your hero stance now. Now you have your hero stance. You can enter the dream dungeons by sleeping deep enough. I will show you how to enter the dungeons. You will become stronger after the battles. There are many different dungeons in the dream. And monsters there. When you enter the dream. Your dungeon level will always start from 1.

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    Find the exit in the dungeon and goto next floor. Use defense to reduce damages. Campfire - resting next to the fireflies for a while restored 20% health MP and 5 energy points.
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