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    Gold - QPLWNn2Rk
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    month card - QUlHLaLZG
    gems - CUo1P22vK
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    Here is the city of angels where opportunity and danger coexist, and here is the mafia world where betrayal and loyalty are equal. Nice guy? Bad guy? Here, we won't judge you with these boring hashtags. You just have to play yourself be the leader you want to be, lead your family to rise, and rebuild the mafia's glory. The evening winds of Sicily will pray your name. So let's get started! Your tome has come.

    Hope those years away haven't made you rusty. Boss - match 3 tiles to attack. Here's a little trick i call the Sicilian handshake. match 4 tiles to produce a frag grenade. Double tap the frag grenade to blow up the surrounding tiles. Now, match 5 tiles to produce a flashbang. Double tap the flashbang to blow up all tiles of the same color. Tap on our portraits to unleash our unique skills.

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    Calogero - Manny 'cast iron' Calogero is a military veteran turned mob enforced, which means he has a rough, take no nonsense attitude. He came home after years at war to find himself left behind by friends and family. Listless and lonely, he sought employment with us Rosellis to ply the only trade he knew. When he showed up at the Mansion's gates, he though of himself as little more than a human weapon. But we taught him how to feel like part of a family again. That's how loyalty is bought, and insured. Don't be put off his gruff exterior, kid. Manny speaks his mind with little regard for hierarchy, but he'll be the first in line to take a bullet for you.

    Gunny - after all the years we spent fighting side by side in service to the rosellis, it's strange that i don't know more about this man beyond the words that come out of his mouth. I say this with respect. Ted Gunny Meniani is a loud and honest man in a world full of liars. He was the son of an underboss in a midding family distantly related to the Rosellis, and he was absorbed into our family as a mercy when theirs fell apart. Ted repaid the favor with a lifetime of blood and loyalty. He was dedicated to the Rosellis to a fault. He was also quick to speak, and quicker still to draw a weapon against those who wanted to harm us.

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