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    Welcome aboard! I urgently need a new pirate to the team who will control the Azure Sea. Complete my tasks and soon we will become the owner of this region. First, grab this weapon shop and earn doubloons. You're good on your feet! Now you know how to fill our holds with doubloons. DOn't stop - this is just the beginning. Yo-ho, you did it. This island is captured, now you can leave it to my captains. Let's go to capture a new island. Open the map and go! All doubloons will be left on the current island, but your income will be permanently increased.

    I have good news - your team has been replenished, now you can fight other pirates. Damn it! The island was captured by Captain Sharpe's pirates. Join the battle for loot distribution. Your team is not only fighters, but also craftsmen to earn doubloons. Assign a pirate to the loot distribution to earn more doubloons and automate their collection.

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    With the help of chests, you can expand your team and conquer more and more islands for me. It looks like the entire Azure Sea has been taken over by Captain Sharpe's pirates. We need to get those dock rats off this island. Don't forget to improve your team with rum or using pass. Grab some rum and go upgrade your pirates. Rum is not lying on the road. Earn it in Rum battles.
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