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    Deim is invading the word again! I need more help! Tap fight to set your lineup! Tap Kenshin's avatar to deploy him. I'm serious about saving the world. The weak will only bring more deaths. Looks like i'll need to prove myself. You're truly something. The situation is worse than i though, and i guess we'd better work together. You'll unlock campaign goal rewards as you go through the campaign. You should also move Kenshin to the mid row. Front: soak DMG and block attacks (use tanks). Mid: deal DMG (use strikes, Blitzers). Back: dish our CC and healing (use controllers and supports). Campaign goal cleared. You'll now get a new hero. Let's deploy the new hero.

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    When your heroes attack a weaker faction, they would enjoy +10% critical rate and 50% chance to trigger Overkill. Can't beat your opponents? Try adjusting your lineup, formation, and heroes' positions. You can get powerful artifacts by using pass or by clearing hero saga. Let' go to summon altar and get more heroes. You'll get free summons regularly. It's Moksha the metal Monk! He can deal massive AoE DMG and can also deal extra DMG vs low HP targets vs low HP targets. He will be a great asset to the team. Heroes can make breakthroughs at certain levels.

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    Heroes will gain stat boosts, skill level upm and new skills when they make a breakthrough. Once you've cleared all the tasks in this phase, you'll unlock a powerful Behemoth! The link crystal can bring new heroes up to level immediately. Parcipate in the challenge of Howling wolf boss to get full moon night diary and outfits.
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