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    I'll help you find your way around here. First of all, we should rebuild the clubhouse. You should continue to gradually expand your district. The easiest way is using the build menu. I'd say it's time to leave a mark. Let's kick the 'crazy lobos' asses. You can see who your opponent is in the top left. The lobos are already in position. You can recognize the opponent and their weapons by the red symbols. It's time to tell our men how to proceed. There are different positions of which some are more advantageous than others. Send your men to the start position with the bonus of 15%. You only have one type of weapon with full firing power which you can use at the moment. As soon as you have gained ground, i will explain all the details. The Bobber is your first type of unit. That's the easy part: man against man and neither a noteworthy advantage - apart from luck.

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    A possible advantage can be won by superiority. More men almost always guarantee a sure victory. Upgrade the housing to increase the number of men. TO attack you use your nomads. The men from L.A. Charter take care of the defense. You can unlock further unit types by upgrading the clubhouse. You will see your current target marked with a crosshair on the map. Each state has ten counties you'll have to liberate. Your ultimate goal is to gain control over the whole of the USA. In the course of battle, you will lose some men. You can replace these with new bikers in the sidebar. You can switch between the map and your own district using the button in the bottom right corner. And shouldn't you know what to do, you can always find me in the sidebar.

    Your profile - here you can change your avatar nad your name and determine what other players read about you when viewing your profile. You need to have control over Nevada before you can enter into a new business.
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