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    Seems like we're dafe for now. Damn zombies have somehow made it though the town wall. I am glad there's finally a shop where we can get stuff to fight them off. Your new job is both an honor and a responsibility. Don't you doubt: me and the others will always help you out.Want me to help you get the hang of things here? Selling weapons is all good, sure, but what's even better is your very own production. Right? So, here's a blueprint from me and some metal from my brother. DOn't see why put off launching production. And here is the first customer! Let's not keep her waiting. You're doing quite well, so here's a couple of items for sale and another blueprint. By the way, try to engage in some small talk with a customer or give them a discount. You'll like what comes of it.

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    Zombie coins - this special currency opens up extra opportunities. Earn coins by completing tasks. Use energy to manipulate prices. When trading, various options allow you to add markups to the price, replace items or restore energy. By selling an item, you can restore some of your energy. However, you'll need a new container to store your leather in. How about placing it in the shop right now? It'll hardly hurt to expand production somewhat. How about unlocking another slot? Since you now have several showcases, i think it's time to restock your items. With production up and running, here's another blueprint for you. I'm afraid it's a little more complex; you'll be needing blanks to start production this time. I have a few, by the way. So are we unlocking this blueprint? Ah, this item also uses a few special components in production. You can find them by sending squads on supply runs where the damn barin-munchers now roam. One of my friends was planning on visiting our town's first shop anyway. She sure knows how to send a pack or two of zombies fleeing.

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    We'll be facing challenging conditions during supply runs: it's getting increasingly more dangerous behind the city walls regardless of zombies. You can see how special perks that help avoid certain hazards will be more than useful. Moreover, each blocked hazard entails an extra reward. Normally, only experienced Preppers would be eligible for perks. However, i think i can help a rookie secure a perk for the upcoming Supply run in advance.

    During Supply runs, the squad will often face hazards that, when blocked, entail extra rewards. To deal with a given hazard, the squad will need a character with a certain perk. Awesome: this hazard is blocked! And that means you'll be getting an extra reward. The better the parameter of the character upon check, the more components they will obtain. Supply runs take a while, but i've got little time to spare and tons of things to do. How about we seep up this run and claim the reward now? Use Hack Zombie shop cheat code.
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