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    Welcome! I'm your assistant. I'll show you around the station. Let's start with carrot production. Great! Let's feed the rabbit while carrots are getting ready. Very good! It's time to pick the carrots. Go to the order center and sell the products we produced. Customers come here from all over the universe to trade. We discovered a new technology! First we must take the rabbit's DNA. Let's build a sense device to produce strong genes by combining DNA. Instead of waiting, we can use crystals to skip time. Sence device is ready. Let's see how it works. Congratulations! Your station is growing fast and is ready for space missions. The first mission is to construct a plant producer to get the prize. Good job! You have successfully the first mission, we've got some new missions.

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    Good news! Now we can bring Zebras to our station! We need oxygen for new animals and devices. Let's increase oxygen capacity. You can do other missions till the zebra is ready. Club building - you can get a lot of pries by inviting new players to the game. I suggest you check out the club building, visit other friends.
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