Tap wizard 2 beastiary
  • Tap wizard 2 - beastiary.

    1. Frenzy - 30% more movement and attack speed. Toughness - 50% less damage taken. Shield - negate the next instance of damage taken, and remove the shield. Slow - 25% less movement speed. Silence - prevent usage of mob skills.

    2. Underworld grunt - a basic, low level underworld unit. They posses no special abilities, except being rather uninteresting. Hulking executioner - a hearty foe with a thirst for death. Possessing high health, they gain toughness for 1s after taking damage. Underworld commando - these battle hardened underworld warriors make up in brawn what they lack in brains. They gain frenzy for 1s after taking damage. Skeletal trooper - lacking any willpower, these weak and fragile foes are used as cannon fodder by higher ranking enemies.

    3. Horned healer - these units not only heal allies, but cast lightning bolts as well. Shield bearer - weak but relentless, loyal foot soldiers of the underworld. They begin shielded. Shield: negate the next instance of damage taken, and remove the shield. Underworld archer - their arrows are made of an unknown but foul substance. Mounted ravager - these barbaric underworld denizens inflict the wizard with slow for 1s when dealing damage. Fire warlock - though their ability to hurl fireballs is not too unusual, they seem corrupted by an otherworldly force. Crusader - loyal and determined, they have toughness until coming close to the wizard.

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