Tap wizard 2 - the lantern of recall
  • Tap wizard 2 - the lantern of recall.

    1. The lantern will automatically rewind after the wizard hads been in the chronozone for 30s. This enters lantern mode. In lantern mode, any gems and coins gained will collect in the lantern. When you enter the chronozone, the lanter loses 25% of its contents. 1hr after activation, the Lantern will enter offline mode.

    2. An example: suppose you earn 100 gems, then enter the chronozone. You will gain 100 fame and the lantern will activate after 30s. In the next run, you again earn 100 gems, but this time it collects in the lantern. You enter the chronozone, do not gain any fame , and the Lantern loses 25% gems, going from 100 to 75. THe next run, you again gain 100 gems. When you enter the Chronozone, the Lantern now has 75+100 = 175 gems. It will lose 25% again, reducing to 131 gems. This process continues until you collect the lantern contents and exit Lanter mode.

    3. The of recall will helo if you play in a semi idle fashion, that is, not playing but keeping the game open. However, it has diminishing returns over time, so it is more worthwhile to close the game and earn offline gains, rather than keeping the game open for hours. In offline mode: you will no longer gain gems or gold from enemies. The Lantern will no longer lose gems or gold when Rewinding. You will gain XP, gems and gold at the offline rate.

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