Tap wizard 2 - totem pouch
  • Tap wizard 2 - totem pouch.

    1. Totems hold spirits that help you in your quest. Find them on the battlefield to activate their abilities. You can have 3 totems of each role active at a time. Collect extra copies to level up and copies to level up and increase their appearance rate.

    2. Crab totem - damage all enemies by 40% of their current hp. Komodo totem - execute all enemies with less than 70% health. Execute: deal damage to an enemy equal to their remaining health; this damage may be mitigated by toughness or shield, and can trigger damage related effects. Does not work on bosses. For totem - give all enemies a random level 3 elemental status effect. +1 status level for each 6 levels on your staff. Spider totem - give frailty to all enemies for 60s. Frailty: enemies with frailty take 30% more damage from all sources.

    3. Falcon totem - 100% more cast speed for 10s. Wolf totem - 100% more damage for 10s. Butterfly - repel all enemies away from the wizard and nullify all enemy projectiles. Mouse - cripple and silence all enemies for 60s. Deer totem - 100% more movement speed for 10s. Rabbit - gain 20% HP. Frog - heal the wizard for 3% HP per second for 10s. Owi totem - gain toughness for 10s. Toughness - 50% less damage taken.

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