Tap wizard 2 - offerwall, Grarly Gnome
  • Tap wizard 2 - offerwall, Grarly Gnome.

    1. Please read all offers carefully! usually, it requires that you have never installed the app in question before. Once you have completed the offer requirements, it can take up to 24 hrs before the reward will be available to claim. You can check on the status of offers you have started from within the offerwall. If 24 hrs have passed after successfully completing an offer, but it shows in the offerwall as pending or rejected, please first contanct Ironsource! They will be able to assist in many cases. If you have followed the above steps, but still cannot claim a completed offer, please contact us.

    2. Carry the Grarly Gnome - this little guy periodically finds jagged totems for you!The wait time increases with each find, and resets upon kindling. Dreamcatcher - perpetually catches visions, granting you a permanent damage. Magic die - used to reroll spell perks and traits. They persist through awakening, so you can save them up.

    3. The totem you receive is 100% random from the possible totems. Upon receiving multiple copies of the same totem, you can upgrade them to increase their rate of appearance! The maximum totem level is currently level 4. Totems that you obtain after they already level 4 are turned into 250 runic essence.

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