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    Expedition manager - independently invests the required products ad makes expeditions. If a high investment priority is used, then the manager earns the required resources as soon as they arrive at the warehouse. Prestige: produce products, increase the level of prestige and get a multiplier if the base price of products as a reward. Gaining prestige, you will have to completely rebuild production. Merchants, diamonds, inspiration will remain. Activate additional bonuses for 42 hours;
    x10gold income from all sources -iH2nVLJ9k
    x10 research speed for new products - LLeowDwax

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    The product will not be able to be used until it's volume exceeds the specified value. The maximum volume depends on the level of the warehouse. Merchant - every 15 seconds, the merchant tries to sell the specified amount of products from the warehouse. Manage the amount of products sold by the merchant. You can get 20% to the experience of the current level using gems.
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    AbPHIlvhb - disable ads: get the opportunity to receive rewards instantly, without viewing ads.
    TWVlG3Fq0 - quick research: base research speed for new products is increased by 100%
    b81puH0VL - quality production: base selling price of all products 100% maximum.
    5000 gems
    support chest - 9Zc43SyNG
    summoner chest - Vo6EcYMyF
    traveler chest - 0opKa9iuh
    conqueror chest - MNAvAx35B
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