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    Skills: electric ring - damage the surrounding enemies regularly. magic bolt - shoot a magic bolt at one enemy. Meteor - fall a meteor to a random area. Star orb - create star orbs that circle the wizard and deal damage to enemies. Shard blizzard - storm with nove explosions. Flame guard - the spirit can shoot fireballs. Burning loop - create a fire loop with explosion damage. Magnetic storm - a hurricane created by an loop damage. SHockwave - deal massive damage and freeze the enemies. Meteor shower - breathe a strong flame dealing more damage and last for a longer time. Cold wave - summon ice shards from random direction, dealing frost damage and slow down enemies. Fireball barrage - constantly fling massive fireballs in many directions. Thor's hammer - inject the energy of electric ring into lightning hammer.

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    Skill - collect skills by leveling up characters in chapter or endless mode. SKill fusion - fuse two level-6 skills to get stronger skill effects in chapter or endless mode. Artifact - collect artifacts by collecting treasure boxes in chapter or endless mode.
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