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    Yo been waiting for ya. They told me someone would come to help out with the plan. I guess tha's you, eh? You're quick. I like that. See, the thing is, you're actually already part of the plan. You have been ever since you downloaded this game. Anyway, enough chit-chat. Let me tell you why you're here. You have one mission, one and one only: just kill me. Forget about guns and knives and other lethal weapons. Those won't leave a scratch. I've only got one weakness. See these critters? Magical little things called Tama. When they burst, they let off something called ballzinium. And guess what? I'm allergic to the stuff. it hursts just to breathe it in. Which means, of course, that bursting enough of these little Tama will bring about my own death too...eventually. Simple enough, eh? To start things off, how's about killing just 10 of us? Yeah, that's right. Us. There's a lot of us around. You look as if this is all going straight over your head. Look, do't rack your brain over it. It's easy: kill 10 of us and i'll tell you what you want to know.

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    Deal damage to each demon god by tracing a path across Tama. Don't worry if you run out of Tama. Tap the field and more will drop. Boss battles have time limits! Tap like crazy and kill each boss before the timer reaches 0.

    Well, you sure had me fooled. I though it'd take you at least half a year to kill 10 of us. I made you a promise, didn't it? I said i'd give you the answers you're looking for. Well, let me guess. Ah, but telling you everything now would kill all the fun, now, wouldn't it? So why don't you tell me? What am i? I'm a Demon God! Now you're wondering, "why the obsession with being killed?". Ain't that right? Well, i'll tell you - if you kill another 20 of us first, that is. Just a warning, though: from here on out, we're gonna up the ante a little. Become a little bit stronger, you know? Let's see if you;ve got what it take.

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    Level up your base attack power to make that deadly ballzinum more potent. Show those Demon Gods who's boss! You've gained access to skills! Tap player to learn one! Skills can be used as soon as they're learned. Burst red critical Tama for that extra edge in battle! They deal 500% more damage than regular Tama. You've got a new pet, Medjed! Tpa pet and add him to your team! He;ll attack automatically.
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