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    Good morning, commander! I'm here to get you up to speed. We've got intel saying the enemy's dug in on the other side of that bridge. Their HQ is hidden in the fog of war but marked on the mini-map. I'll lend a hand, make sure we get that victory. Let's move out! Select your infantry squad to give commands. Click on the ground next to the resource point to send your squad. Every combat strategy requires supply. You can use it to recruit troops and build defensive structures. You can increase flow of supply by building an observation post. You got to grips with that fast! Once our economy is running sweetly, we can prepare an attack - we need another infantry squad. Your squad's arrived and is ready for orders. Select all units on the screen, to give them all the same order. Time to act! Send your troops to capture the strategic point indicated by the letter A on the minimap.

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    Every as pie, great work! By capturing and holding strategic points will cause the enemy's victory points to tick down. When your opponent's victory points reach zero - you win. Enemy fire incoming! That enemy vehicle is especially effective against infantry. Regroup your troops. Order our boys to hightail it and retreat to base. They can recover from any damage taken, get patched up and head back on out, good as new. War demands a cool head. We need to recapture that strategic point before the enemy can get dug in. We've gonna need more troops. The troop limit determines the maximum amount of squads on the battlefield. Each unit has a troop cost. To increase the limit, unlock the next tier. When you open a new tier, you gain access to more powerful units. The M2 light is cheap and effective against light vehicles. It's perfect for your current objective.

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    Let your tank lead the assault and the infantry will support it. Send your forces to the strategic point! They will attack the enemy at once. Choosing the best squad for an objective and focusing firepower is how to win battles with minimal losses. The enemy's on the back foot now. If you destroy their base, you'll immediately take the victory! There are pillboxes defending it, but if you call in an M6 heavy tank, they'll be smouldering rubble in no time. Troops are selected automatically when deployed. THis means there's no delay on their first orders. Selected units are highlighted white on the mini map.

    Command are impressed, you victory knocked their damn socks off! You can use the tokens you earned to get new troops in the store. When you buy x5 #world-war-armies, any identicall rewards will merge into one with their value combined.
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