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    Press the button to summon a random unit. Press the button to summon one more unit. Tap battle. Merge the footmen to make them stronger. Higher rank units will also get stronger skills. Merging units to adjust your formation. We're out of tokens to recruit units. Let's start the battle. A Sage - she will refill an ally's energy instead of attacking enemies. Sage - increase the attack speed of the closest ally by 100% for 3 seconds. Merge bonus can also affect terrain object. The rock will break if it strength is larger than you!
    14000 gems - 2V1UIBrhr
    100000 golds - d3IAZzWEZ
    add 10 strength to all units - aDGPxH4lx
    upgrade the next 3 draft units to rank 2 - NGUGd3d33
    Elixir grants units a shield of 33% max HP. Gain 2 extra elixir - 1hysAIw8x
    Gold dropped by enemies increases 200% - fVcRwNoCq
    when the battle starts, stun all enemies for 2 seconds - IQtRGzOAg

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    You have a new chest reward. Check it out! Click to open the chest. You got a new card! Let's take a closer look! Dragon - summon a massive meteor, dealing 60% damage. Meteor additionally stuns enemies in range. Attacks will deal splash damage to nearby enemies.
    increase HP - 2hq0qfxtH
    increase damage - 0s1w3QdIL
    upgrade - qQ55duZtF
    level up - YL9ceojgq
    key chest - XxFjWVrv1
    100 keys - Xezoxv9rX
    starter pack - mW4qVM565
    daily gift - lwDDPZrhw
    rare chest - HebOJDGna
    epic chest - FnL0TNS9r
    mythic chest - 9OZvipJBE
    magic chest - AFaUmf5Y0
    Now let's add the dragon to your deck! Most units have an affinity, and each affinity counters another. Dragon is the best choice now to counter the Goblin. Tap the button to use elixir! Elixir will grant beneficial effects to your units. Tap the ground to place the elixir effect where you want it. Footman - gain a shield of 20% maximum HP, absorbing incoming damage. Grant this shield to 2 additional allies.
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