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    Looks like your wee raft was followed. Focus your eyes! Big giant crabs with big giant claws on the horizont. Quickly lad, grab me old cannon. Hope it won't be too heavy for that little raft of yours. Upgrade your wee raft with Gunny's cannon. Upgrade your pirate HQ to build a new boat. Now you have a raft with a cannon. Giant crustacean monsters are coming to turn us into hirs-d'oeuvres. Shoot balls from cannon, get rid of crabs. Select the map and tap Crabitosor. I keep my distance, this crab doesn't look too friendly. Let your cannon do the job, it will shoot and reload automatically. This bar at the top represents your boat's health. You just got hit and you've lost some health points. If your boat's health reaches 0, it'll sink and you'll lose the fight. I don't think you will make it if you stay still. Let's use your cannon's special power.

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    At the bottom bar - this is your action point gauge. It gets filled automatically with mana. Once you have enough man, you can unleash your cannon's special power. Get ready to launch the multiball power. Howe to get? The flask will fill automatically while fighting. You can collect the floating mana dropped by the enemies. Come back every day to collect your daily rewards.

    gardener house - grow plants and earn coins. Pirate inn - recruit your pirate heroes. Vault - stock your coins. Jungle explorer - explore the jungle with your heroes and get resources. Carpenter - craft rare materials with the resources you get from the jungle. Pearl workshop - craft the most powerful pearls to boost your boats. Shaman house - get a chance to have a unique blessing every day. Crusade office - earn great treasure with this building.

    Coins - they are useful to upgrade your boat. Each part of your boat can be upgraded. Use them preciously. Select your boat, then your cannon, and upgrade it. Remember, the hull will take all the damages while the cannon is being repaired. This one has a sail protecting his cannon. Let's destroy the sail first so we can shoot at the cannon and hull.
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