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    In a far away world the Forgotten Seas grow restless. Thank heavens! You're still alive! That witch! She's left us in ruin! But we persevere! Let us rebuild with what we have. Catapult - also known as the spoonager is the classic siege weapon. Offers moderate damage on a moderate reload time. Onwards to another adventure! Woot! We got loot! Archers - holds 5 archers that will be sent out automatically. Archers are very powerful at shooting down. Arcane shield - protective bubble that blocks and bounces incoming projectiles. All this treasure looting sure is making me hungry for food. We should build a field because food makes treasure. Field - dedicated space for the age old invention of growing crops in open soil. Keeping your citizens well fed and in dividends when it comes time to loot other islands.

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    Hamlet - humble beginnings as the day dawns on a new island. A few huts making their home under a benevolent ruler. Collecting tax on your citizens allows you to generate gold over time. Salamander beams - some of the farmers found red beans on the field. These are fairly common sight around these lands and is often used as a substitute of proper food. The farmers don't generally touch these beans since they believe it is bad luck to pay any attention to them, but you can send your loyal subjects to collect them and distribute them among the local populance for nutrition. Often a small bite of these hit beans can give a fighters an extra kick to perform well in a battle and among other tasks.

    Trebuchet - your best choice when you want to launch 90 kg projectiles over 300 meters. Longer reload time and heavier arc makes it best suited to raid down destruction on enemy structures.
    Starter pack - uMTi5zqQM. Get a head start in building your kingdom. Available for limited time only.
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