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    I have waited for so long to end your reign of terror! Finally the day has come! Activate the shockwave skill by tapping on it. Use the Shockwave skill by pressing the target. End your turn to restore move points and mana. Your skills can't reach any targets, move closer. You unlocked a new skill! Skills can be activated from the hero menu. You can have up to 7 skills active at once. Match tiles - tiles have different attributes. You can inspect them by long pressing a tile a match. For example, tiles can be impassable and block skill's visibility. Remember to use tiles to your advantage.

    Complete daily & weekly quests to claim rewards and quest points. Collect guest points to claim bonus rewards. Quests points reset after claiming a reward. Daily quests reset once a day. Weekly quests reset once a week.
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    Orbs - from here you can find all of your recipes and crafted orbs. You can attach orbs to items with sockets to improve their power.
    Pets - here you can find all of the pets in the game. You can unlock pets by hatching eggs found from chests & other rewards.

    Using skills in a match: you can activate a skill in a match by pressing the skill icon from the left of your screen. After activating a skill, clicking on a target will launch it. Different skills can be targeted to different things (self, enemy, ally or tile). You can also cancel the target mode by pressing on the same skill again.

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    Skill status effects: some of the skills apply statuses(poison...). Statuses remain on a character for a certain duration (rounds). You can check what statuses character has in a match by long pressing on them.
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