Terramorphers faq
  • Terramorphers: mining, skill types, orbs, pets

    1. Mining - mining tiles can be found from adventure and tower of poer modes. When you hit a mining tile with a damage skill you gain ores from it. You have to win to keep the ores you have mined during a match. Ores can be used for crafting orbs.

    2. Skills used in battle to deal damage, buff and debuff players or transform the battle arena. An unlocked skill can be activated/ deactivated by first selecting the skill from the list, and then pressing the card. You can activate up to 7 different skills at a time. Skills are categorized into 4 maintypes and 3 subtypes.

    3. Skill types: skill types are like factions, they tell you which group a skill belongs to. Skill has a maintype and a subtype. Types are indicated by the icons on a skill card. Left icon shows the maintype and right icon shows the subtype.

    4. Skill maintypes: melee focuses on aggressive close quarters combat. Ranged focuses on fighting from a distance. Importance of positioning. Magic focuses on slow but powerful spells. Terramorph focuses on the manipulation on the battle arean. Neutral skills don't affect your class or focus on any specific theme.

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    6. Skill subtypes: light - focuses on healing and buffing. Dark focuses on sacrifices and curses. Healing is commonly used as a resource. Void skills are disruptive. With them you can really mess with your opponent. Neutral skills don't affect your class or focus on any specific theme.

    7. Orbs: use recipes to craft orbs with materials. Orbs can be attached to equipment which have empty sockets. rafting requires ores that can be mined from different game modes.

    8. Pets: pets can be found by opening eggs. You can choose one pet to aid you in battle. Pet increases your stats and it also has its own skill that it can use. Leveling your pet can be done by obtaining the same pet again from an egg or by purchasing the level.
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