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    Grow knight has grown infinitely. It is a game that competes with users from all over the world. Collect legendary equipment and become a fledgling knight. Touch the ground to move. Use the dash skill by tapping the ground twice quickly. Clear mission to become stronger. Use knight runes to strengthen your knight. Knight runes can be obtained from the dungeon of trials. When the number of upgrade is achieved, the maximum level is released.

    Unlock characters:
    Bautu - 7neXFyLCJ
    Nicholas - 2sl8q8qDw
    Sabrina - UX9pOWHhz
    Sloy - soHCkWP3V
    Lucas - YxVhkVe0w
    Hilda - uOogzmn8w
    Mia - EbFleWQ1a
    Becky - EeiyHCIgy
    Tina - TVq3kiK1R
    Elysia - i5H9x5khm
    Brenda - NUkDkwgyE
    Leet - NNvW8N16e
    Elric - LHIfsySjc
    Lucy - FaXvMIDXA
    Veronica - eFUvds016
    Ailloire - JiO2kHO0C
    White knight - Y0TUFI8Zu
    Harah - VqfU0pMLT
    Launus - H8bUPWX4M
    Bran - 4UvEFYEYD
    Nayde - gLJvqNPrt
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    You can store combination of characters, equipment, and skills. Recall allows instant changes to saved combinations.
    Boss clear event - obtained at random when defeating normal bosses. The higher the stage, the higher the drop probability and number. it cannot be obtained in rebirth battles.
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    beginner package - SzihQOwyU
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    equip gacha 10 times - JVWyiBEE9. The higher the chest level, the higher the chance of good quip appearing.
    Unlock skills:
    KKR7vzDx6 - spike: fires a sword at the ground in front.
    PDyVh7xJS - rotation slash: deals 200% damage twice to enemies within range.
    tlMfcMOzQ - back jump: jump backwards. Temporarily increases skill attack power by 50% and mana regeneration by 50%.
    FdYQoJqUw - rush: charges an enemy, dealing 230% damage. Damage increases according to the distance of the dash.
    0mVUUDUJb - flame: continuously spews fire.
    1hON0B66A - lightning: fires a straight laser.
    XuM8wKH5h - mystic arrow: fires three shperes.
    PvlOGlhfU - recovery: restores HP. Depending on the hold time, the amount of recovery increases up to 100%. Reduces damage taken while recovering HP.
    dxOzWpttS - wave circle: gathers energy and fires a wave circle. Damage increases with hold time.

    Hack Grow knight cheat code special skill:
    KlcfUex7Y - strong sword: fires a wide range of swords in front.
    efVcJODXG - breath of ice: fire a cold sword. Freezes enemies for 10 seconds.
    MMHrqAUJo - explosion: causes an explosion at the enemy's location.
    jtpfxQP9V - God's blessing: take no damage for 15 seconds.
    L2CFlC8k3 - fast: increases attack speed by 100% for 60 min.
    JcRQ7Nmwl - heaven's hammer: summon a hammer from the sky.
    Uol5EGNDb - meteor: summon a meteorite that deals 2000% damage at the enemy's location.
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    Published contact: The United States of America (USA), 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US
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