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    increase ATK - tzVZbHs6d
    increase HP - vtzm0OZG4
    skill point - 3HDqDaYDm
    soul stone - tp7CqQMxY
    5000 crystal - iWOWyOugQ
    enhance - l5TwSh5Sr
    unlimited wings - Ul6gTu2r5
    month card - tBsLMzFGe
    vip status - JKOrxS67H
    exclusive costume - Q9OR3kRAw
    daily gift - 348mF8PBO

    Stay still for the auto attack to start! Evade the obstacles and attacks. Try Howl. Inflicts heavy damage to nearby monsters. Select skill to acquire:
    blackhole spear - fires a black hole sphere that pulls in enemies and deals 118% damage 5 times. Damage up to 10 enemies. ice wave - fires an ice wave that deals 300% damage 3 times. Each wave deals damage to up to 3 enemies. Thunder bolt - summons lightning bolts that deals 300% damage to nearby enemies. Damage up to 3 enemies. Reflect - main skill bounces off wals. Double shots - increases the number of main skill projectiles that are fired forward. Explosion - when the main skill hits, deals 5% additional damage to surrounding enemies. Fatal zone - summons a dark field at your location that deals 130% damage 10 times. Mega fire - fires a huge fireball toward the target direction that deals 700% damage. The bullet explodes on hit, dealing damage to up to 3 enemies. Blizzard - creates a blizzard on a large area around the target that deals 83% da,age 10 times.
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    Soul stone - special skill level up material. Can be acquired by defeating monsters. You can make Myel stronger in several ways: enhance equipment, sub skill level up, special skill level up, passive skill activation, open legendary chest. Wings - stamina consumed in playing in various contents.

    Promote: you can combine 3 piece of equipment of the same grade and name to make one grade higher. The options of the primary material will be retained, but the level of the equipment will be reset to zero. All the gold and magic stones that used to enhance the equipments' level will be returned.

    Unlock pets:
    JQTUs5aNi - Balam
    eLH04Tvuh - Crocell
    JRN3PFQNL - Caim
    4pZPuRGMM - Foras
    EAaFQpbyd - Ose
    O9vvI7uXk - Mad bomber
    e2HSYA15P - frost hand
    DgUFkBPov - angry horn
    3JrdtvRbb - Earthquaker
    dtfWymJQd - Chaos Draon

    You can get special rewards after use the angel pass. Can be obtained legendary equipment randomly. If you complete daily and seasonal quests, you can earn experience points and receive rewards.
    Angel pass - UJ5MD14dw

    Unlock costumes - cFEWAy6Ef
    Types of costume: there are special costumes that look completely different from your basic costume. Some special costumes can only be acquired during a limited period or using hack Angel saga cheat code.

    Crafting costumes: basic can be made with basic crafting, and special costumes can be made with special crafting. You can get limited costumes with the agel pass. For basic crafting, you need one piece of equipment along with gold and magic stones. For special crafting, you need the same materials as basic crafting plus additional costume materials obtained in Boss battles.

    #angel-saga Costume effects: can change the appearance of your equipment and your character. You can also receive a passive effect from costumes even without equipping them.

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