Angel saga equipment
  • Angel saga equipment: grades, promotion, enhancement, types

    1. Equipment grades: there are a total of seven equipment grades: normal, advanced, magic, heroic, legendary, ancient legendary, mythic. You can use the promote function to increase your equipment's grade.

    2. Equipment promotion: if you have three pieces of equipment that are the same grade and type, you can combine them to acquire the same piece of equipment, but one grade higher. When you promote a piece of equipment, all of the options of the original will be preserved, and all resources used to enhance the other two pieces will be returned.

    3. Equipment enhancement: you can use magic stones and gold to improve a piece of equipment's main option. The max enhancement level depends on the equipment grade: normal - 10 lv, advanced - 20lv, magic - 30lv, heroic - 40lv, legendary - 60lv, ancient legendary - 70lv. Enhancement level to 0. All resources used to enhance will be returned.

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    5. Types of equipment options: there are four kinds of equipment options give effects when equipped. Main option - this is the most basic effect, and increases every time you enhance a piece of equipment. Each piece of equipment has only one. Sub options - one sub option is gained each time equipment grade increases. From one sub option at normal to four at ancient legendary. Equipment does not change the number of sub options. Legendary option - only appears when a weapon reaches legendary grade. Adds an attacking effect of a weapon. Set bonus - activates when two or four pieces of equipment with the same name are equipped.

    6. Changing Angel saga equipment options: you can change a piece of equipment's sub options, but not the main option. If you change an option, you cannot acquire duplicates of the same option.
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