Angel saga pets
  • Angel saga pets: abilities, joining and passive effect.

    1. What's a pet? A pet is a monster who had become Myel's companion. It gives Myel various good effects when it joins a battle. If you collect a certain amount of Pet pieces, you can obtain the Pet. The number of pieces required depends on the pet's rarity. A 1 star pet, which is relatively easy to get the piece, requires 20 pieces, while a 5 stars pet requires only 1 piece as it is difficult to get.

    2. Pets can grow to level 15 by using pet pieces, magic stones, and gold. Additional good effects can be obtained as a pet's level increases. Magic stones can be acquired from infinite dungeons or pet Chests.

    3. Pets abilities: pets can participate in battles and assist your character. You can take up to two pets into battle with you. Pets give you a joining effect when they go into battle with you, but they can also give you a passive effect without joining you.

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    5. Joining effect: when a pet joins, the pet's joining effect will be triggered. Each pet has 1 joining effect at first, and each level of 5, 10, and 15 will add new joining effects. Therefore, if a pet reaches level 15, the pet will have a total of 4 joining effects.

    6. Passive effect: passive effect, not like the joining effect, is triggered without joining. Therefore, the more pets you get and grow to their highest levels, the more passive effects you will receive. Each pet gets 1 new passive effect at each level of 3,7,10 and 13. Therefore, a total of 4 passive effects will be obtained when the pet reaches 15.
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