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    Gold - J8XSVx3n7
    Gems - 5etL6r0w4
    unlimited energy - juVq34wd
    Poseidon wand - T3ljuVqS4
    Athena robe - ZKko9KpEf
    Demeter ring - ugiy1RZE1
    Get 1 random S grade epic thunder pet - Ds8M94qAK
    Get 1 random S grade epic jungle pet - tcKagZRvU

    Monsters will attack you. This is your hero at the bottom. Swipe to aim release to shoot. "?" - ge t a new skill. Wave your wand and destroy evil. We've prepared a plenty of login rewards for you! Claim them and enjoy! Gems - very rare currency in game. Coin - common currency. Poseidon wand - unleash wave at 3 enemy columns for slight damage when round starts. If character's HP is less than 30%, enemies are knocked back. Poseidon Trident, was lost in battle, contains powerful divine power. Wave has 50% chance to become a tsunami and deal damage to all monsters. Athena robe - get a shield with (max HP * 50%) HP each round. The shield last 1 round. If Athena's shield is not broken this round, gain 20% attack next round. Demeter ring - 10% chance to add 1 normal ball when a monster dies. Slight increase in item drop rate when monster dies.
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    Players can use a challenge scroll to enter once their daily challenge limit has been used up.
    Challenge scroll - nuWMKfWDs
    Talent stone - magic stone for activating mages' talent.
    Talent stone - n59iazhcp
    tkdqXZibt - unlock the Piggy bank! Save up on a huge amount of gems after clearing levels. Break the piggy bank to c,aim the gems now or continue clearing levels for more gems.
    Newbie gift - b4rR9wSLh
    stage 1 legacy - S grade punbox rule details: the drop rate of this punbo S grade epics is increased. You will get an S grade epic equipment within 50 times. After that the count will be reset.
    SUper punbox - CozVPyqVf
    Epic punbox - uizbL13Br
    normal punbox - ePeqCpao1
    Epic equipment items - C7EDreeSZ

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