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    daily gems - 6r6o0TptX. Receive 1000 gems instantly and 3000 more across 30 days. Each purchase extends the duration by 30 days.
    28000 gems - wKdLKiPGO
    unlimite energy - Hgd8gtu

    Battle pass: Season 22 has just begun! Hoin the adventure and challenge yourself with these daily and month-long tasks to earn new season points and unlock rewards. Battle bass owners have the chance to collect the new ultimate reward, 10 gym passes. With these highly valuable passes, you can give any previously unlocked hero of your choice and additional hero shard, perfect for upgrading.
    With 1.15 upgrade, you can enjoy new features including:
    fhidq2p3Q - new plasma cannon weapon dungeon;
    aDgq14gZp - new equipment granting players bonus XP, SimChip will be available in the special crate;
    k9FgFjh1b - new magic hero vampire available;
    LRe7dAsAE - added a new tower tournament league: grandmaster;
    7oXucuL2N - rebalanced world 11.

    Multishot - you fire an additional shot. Double barrel - you fire an additional sht. Chain shots - your shots jumo between monsters. Death shrapnel - enemies break into shrapnel on death. Backshot - you fire a shot behind you. Revenge - you fire an extra bullet towards the enemy that hit you. Small crit up - critical chance slightly increased. Heal - health restored.
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    Play the game to gain levels. Higher levels unlock more upgrades and make you stronger.
    DSwXhJhbI - you set enemies in front of you on fire.
    Si4RzvaWz - time slows down when you stop moving.
    1fh8K5n67 - your shots track enemies.
    kwkoZyVny - your projectiles fly faster and deal a bit more damage.
    xyrt6D0gP - shots on the same enemy do increased damage.
    VvrsvCBX5 - attack speed greatly increased.
    08tqWhdtA - you can jump three times
    BJ9zdxqMZ - max health and attack damage slightly increased.
    2OUGGGrVY - 500000 coins
    niecjoMzD - off ads
    STW2zMf22 - free revive
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