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    A new hunter, thank goodness! The kingdom is entirely overrun with mice and we need your help! I'll be your hunting instructor. Let's go to the Meadow to begin your training! This is your camp. Here you'll set up your mouse trap. These are both fine traps for a novice hunter, pick whichever you like. High tension spring - Razor sharp barbs adorn a crushing bar held under high tension. Mouse hot tub - instead of harming a mouse, give it a place to relax before relocating it out of the kingdom. You're going to need some cheese to attract a mouse. I've given you three pieces of Cheddar to get started. You are now ready to hunt. Catching moce earns you gold and points to unlock new traps. You're out of bait! You have 2000 gold, go restock your bait at the cheese shoppe. Visit the trapsmith to upgrade your trap. You caught the steel mouse! Upgrading your trap will make it easier to catch challenging mice.
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    Your hunter's title is novice, which shows your experience as a hunter. As you catch mice, you'll progress towards the next title, unlocking new hunting locations.
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    Where should i hunt? Check out the adventure book to see what challenge next await you! You can check by tapping the adventure book banner towards the bottom of the camp section and then tapping more adventures. Finishing adventures and claiming the reward will help you unlock new areas, discover new traps, and more.
    King's cart - Trade in your king's Credits here for special items that will help you in your journey. Looking for more king's credits? Open your daily reward chest every day and you just might find some extras.
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    recipe book - use previously successful crafting recipes. Crafting table - craft new items by combining two or more different items together. Hunter's hammer - smash items to transform them into something else you can use.
    Start a treasure maps - open a scroll case to start a treasure map! hunt down mice to find clues leading to treasure.

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